Shaping your entrepreneurial future

The Unternhemenswerkstatt Deutschland supports you in every phase of your company: founding, safeguarding and succession. Use secure, virtual project rooms, professional project templates, personal advice from IHK experts and many other services.

Founding cleverly with expert knowledge

Create your business plan and financial plan alone or in a team, use the extensive knowledge database and get competent advice from our experts.

Identify crises and safeguard the company

Get an initial assessment of your economic situation with our crisis thermometer and secure the existence of your company together with our experts.

Structured and secured company succession

Prepare your business succession carefully and in good time with our experts or make all the arrangements if you are taking over an existing business.

A platform of the participating chambers of commerce and industry

With our platform, founders, start-ups and established entrepreneurs as well as those looking for successors work on the development of their ideas. In secured project rooms, you receive personal consultations from IHK experts and can network with like-minded people and share your knowledge and experience with each other and work together in secured project rooms.

Your projects in secure, virtual spaces

Your plans and strategies belong to you. That is why you work on your projects in safe and secure project spaces. This is the basis for working together in a spirit of trust. The UWD project rooms offer these possibilities, among others:

  • Use the appropriate structure of the virtual project space for every phase of your business.
  • Act data protection compliant according to the German DSGVO standards.
  • Work collaboratively on projects in a team.
  • Determine which rights each team member receives.
  • Store all the documents you need in the project room - securely and confidentially.
  • If necessary, involve an expert from your regional chamber of commerce.

Personal advice from IHK experts

The Unternehmenswerkstatt Deutschland combines digital offers with personal advice from an IHK expert. Benefit from:

  • the neutrality of the advisors,
  • regional industry knowledge and networks,
  • comprehensive expertise of the IHK advisors - from setting up a business to securing a business to business succession,
  • the confidentiality of the advisors.